Friday, July 11, 2014

Quote-A-Day: Day 192

If you #learn and you #lead without #play, you learn and you lead without #fun. #QuoteADay #Day192 #edchat #edu #HaveFun #PlayOn

I was involved in a Twitter chat yesterday where talk turned to gaming and whether certain genres of games lend to learners with more developed data collection skills. 

While I’m not fit to answer this question currently, I was intrigued with the idea that this could, in fact, be the case.  Are players of RPGs more capable of working with numerical data than adventure gamers?  Or would this be vice-versa?  It’s an interesting question that I would be interested in exploring.

And it leads to another question. . . if you are a leader or a learner who doesn’t have the time (or take the time) to play, then how can you really be having fun?

“Playing” doesn’t have to necessarily mean you’re a gamer.  You can be an experimenter, or a tester of things, and be playing.  Or, you can enjoy word puzzles and puns.  Or, you can enjoy interacting with animals and pets.

Each of these exhibits some form of play, and are very important to some form of “fun” existing in your leading and learning. 

Leadership (or learning) without fun is leadership (or learning) without personality.  No personality means no connection, and if we aren’t connected with those we serve (or learn from), then really, what’s the point?

So, make sure that you take the opportunity to play and keep the fun in your learning and leading.

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