Thursday, July 17, 2014

Quote-A-Day: Day 198

The best compliments you can receive are the ones that YOU actually don't receive. #QuoteADay #Day198 #edchat #edu

I had the opportunity to present at a conference yesterday on using Google Hangouts.  The two sessions I facilitated were great, and I had an excellent time learning alongside everyone.

Last night, I was getting myself prepared to return home, and after doing most of the packing, I spent some time checking out the feed on Twitter.  I happened to stumble upon a tweet that wasn't directed toward me (from someone who isn't in my network, who I didn't even know until yesterday) mentioning how much she got out of the session, and the day as a whole.

This compliment wasn't meant for me, and had I not stumbled upon it, I never would have seen it.  Yet, unlike compliments that are sometimes backhanded, or that are made in hopes of receiving something in return, this one was just simple feedback, with no strings attached.

Our best praise is the praise that never reaches us (or, finds us from some other source, rather than the one who gave the compliment or provided the praise.  These types of compliments mean the most, because they are made without any desired response.

As we gauge our learning and our leading, we must pay attention to these if they ever come our way.  They tell us when we've really done excellent work, simply because they aren't meant to tell US anything at all.

My hope for you is that the compliments you receive are ones that never reach your ears or eyes directly.  Their sheer existence means that you are on the right path.

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