Saturday, July 5, 2014

Quote-A-Day: Day 186

If your is always on, then you'll never have the opportunity to turn off, and .

Today was a strange day for me.  I woke up with a To-Do list that was a mile long, and I started outside at about 6:45 weeding and trimming the trees.  After about an hour I started to feel a little, well, queasy.  Almost eight hours later, I'm just starting to feel like myself, and needless to say, there is only one thing checked off my To-Do list.

If there is a benefit to forcing ourselves to rest and take it easy, it is that our brains, which are usually operating a mile a minute, have some time to catch up, and for lack of a better phrase, "turn off."

The last eight hours have been bizarre, to say the least.  I was half-asleep and half-awake, in bed, twisting and turning, with strange dreams mixed in.

Now, for whatever reason, though I still don't feel "quite right" I feel like there is a lot more room in my head than there was this morning (strange, I know).

Of course, that To-Do list is still there (do we ever actually complete our whole lists?), and I'm not sure what this evening and tomorrow will bring.

Still, when our bodies attempt to force us to take a break, it is worth listening.  After all, with only a small percentage of our mind's consciously controlled by each of us, it isn't worth trying to fight a battle you aren't going to win.

When we're tired, we need to sleep.  When we're sick, we need to rest.


Because when we feel like we're in tip-top shape, we need to make sure we can give more than one hundred percent.  Taking care of ourselves, and letting each of our brains take a breather, are the only ways to do this.

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