Monday, July 7, 2014

Quote-A-Day: Day 188

The best #leaders never aspire to be feared. #QuoteADay #Day188 #edchat #edu #LeadWithLove

Have you had the opportunity to work with leaders who lead by fear?  How about those who lead with love?

I've been lucky enough to work for leaders that fell into both camps, and both of these styles have helped me become the leader I am today.

Leaders who lead through fear usually have compliance, but not because learners and other leaders believe in them.  Instead, these leaders have compliance because others are too scared to do anything that might anger the feared leader, and whether this results in worries about job security, or worries about making it through an organization without "getting into trouble," those in the community quietly seethe, until the pot boils over and either the leader is forced out, or the community breaks, neither of which are good.

Leaders who lead with love instill respect in those they lead, and build capacity by getting to know the community, and making it clear that they really care.  These leaders encourage learners to work with them, rather than for them, and the learners and other leaders within the community do what they do for, rather than in spite of, the leader.

Which would you rather work for?

Truth be told, I'm sure we would all answer that we would rather work for those who lead with love, but my leadership journey would not have been as well informed had I not had the opportunity to also work for a feared leader.

Why was this experience so powerful for me?

Because it taught me that in all I aspire to do and become, I should never, ever, aspire to be feared.  And neither should you.  The second we get an inkling that those we work with are scared of us, then we need to stop and reflect on the work we've done and our leadership style, and fix matters so that we can grow alongside a community, rather than apart from it.

We can always accomplish more through love, than through fear.

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