Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Quote-A-Day: Day 204

You should never attempt to be the best, but you should always attempt to be better than you were before.#QuoteADay #Day204 #edchat #ASCDL2L

Striving to be the best at anything is a worthless endeavor.  Why would we want to be the best?  What does it really get us?

Nothing, really.

Yet, we often feel there is some sort of “worth” to being the best at something.

Instead, we should really be focused on bettering ourselves and what we do.  It is so much more important for us to be constantly improving than really striving to reach any true “apex.”

After all, if we reach an apex, then what do we have to strive for in that field or area?  Nothing in particular.

And that’s a tremendous problem.  Being a life-long learner means that you set your sights on benchmarks and goals that are both reachable, and also not end-alls.  In creating goals, we should never strive for a goal that would have any finality.  That’s not the way goals are supposed to work.

Our goals need to be focused on making us a little better, every single day.  In this way, as we reflect on our growth, we see a constant trend upward.

Nothing serves as a professional vision like, “I will learn something new every day.”  Those leaders who can hold to that truly have proven themselves to be better, and to be constant at getting there.

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