Saturday, September 13, 2014

Quote-A-Day: Day 257

is the only thing preventing us from moving from who we are, to who we want to be.

This morning I read a great piece in the New York Times about the power (or power-sapping) that fear can have over our lives (

It was such a great piece, and it made me think a bit about how when we're fearful of things, we can miss out on important opportunities.  That isn't too say we should be fearful about nothing, but rather, if we let our fears get the best of us, then we'll never be able to be the best that we can truly be.

In the article in the Times, a newly-married couple ends up exploring areas of Mexico that are deemed dangerous by the US, and they have an amazing time and meet amazing people.  Granted, that level of risk might be too high for some, but it speaks to the necessity of pushing our own boundaries as a means to forcing ourselves to become better (or at least more informed).

When we're faced with a challenge in which there is a tremendous unknown, we have to be willing to take risks, and while it is perfectly reasonable to acknowledge the fear we face, it is often unacceptable to let fear rule our decision-making.

Be fearful, but understand that if fear makes the decisions for us, then we will never be the people we can possibly become.

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