Saturday, September 27, 2014

Quote-A-Day: Day 271

is something you make, not something you're given.

We all want to be happy, but it often seems like we expect happiness to come to us.  It isn't that simple, however.  In fact, happiness isn't something we're given, it is something we make.

If we stand around waiting for others to make us happy, we'll be standing around for a long time.  To rely on others to build up our level of happiness is to remove ourselves from the leading and learning frame, and let the proverbial ocean "take us where it may."

While it is wonderful when others make us happy, it isn't realistic to assume that this will always happen.

Instead, we need to pursue our own happiness destinations on the journey of life.  Here are three ways to do this, and be happy about it.

First, make sure that you make the time to pursue what makes you happy.  There is never enough time, and there never will be.  We need to make sure that in all that we do, we're finding the time to engage in the things we like, not just the things we need to.

Second, do what really makes you happy.  It doesn't matter how silly or strange, as long as it makes you happy (and doesn't hurt anyone in the process), you need to do it.

Finally, bring others along for the ride.  While we should never assume others will make us happy, we should take every opportunity to share our happiness with others.

If we remember that happiness occurs because we make it, we always have the power to be positive.  Remember that happiness is in our control.  Therefore, not being happy is oftentimes our own fault.

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