Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Quote-A-Day: Day 268

#Money is great at building things up, but it is also great at tearing things down. #QuoteADay #Day268 #edchat #edu

Money is a funny thing.  It's great to have it, but most of the time, we're always left wanting more.  It's a resource where there is never enough to go around, and where no matter what we have, it isn't enough.

The problem with money as a resource is that even though it is great at building things up, it is equally as good at tearing them down.  Money might not be the root of all evil, but it certainly does plenty of harm along with the good.

Money is also a smokescreen for all our other needs.  We often refer to "resource-rich" and "resource poor" schools and districts through the lens of money, which is a problem as there are so many other resources that are important to making things work for learners.

If we spend all our time and energy focusing on money, then we'll be left unhappy, as even in the most "resource rich" districts, more money could always allow us to do, well, more.

Since we're never truly happy with the money we have, even when we have "enough" it's better for us to think of money as just another resource, no more important than anything else.

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