Saturday, September 27, 2014

Quote-A-Day: Day 270

If something is unexpected, chances are, you should be prepared for it to happen. #QuoteADay #Day270 #edchat #edu #ExpectTheUnexpected

There are plenty of adages I don’t put much stock in, but “Expect the Unexpected” is one that regularly seems to hold true for me.  It isn’t just that the things we don’t prepare for seem to happen when we least expect them (or want them) to, but it makes clear that being prepared for anything is truly the best policy.  Let me provide you with three recent happenings in my life where this is the case.

Family: Our first daughter was a late walker.  We had no reason to believe our second daughter would be any different.  Now that she’s walking, and just about to turn one, we have to be extra vigilant, as our house preparations haven’t been completed yet.

Professional: We received a tremendous grant. YAY!  With it came a lot of unanticipated additional responsibilities.  YIKES! (We knew this could happen, but weren’t entirely prepared for it).

Personal: I’m in a number of fantasy football pools.  I thought it prudent to pick up Kirk Cousins who was sitting on the waiver wire for last night’s game against the Giants.  Cousins had a good first half, then threw up four interceptions in thirty minutes.  A bad way to start the fantasy football week. J
These three scenarios are all very different, and all have differing levels of importance.  Yet the lesson is clear:

If something is unexpected to occur, then we should expect that it will happen.  Not if, but when.  The best preparation is a move towards a frame of proactive leadership.  By leading in all directions, we are prepared to lead in any direction life takes us.

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