Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Quote-A-Day: Day 267

It should never be about what learners can't do, but always about what they can. #QuoteADay #Day267 #edchat #edu #YouCanDoIt

If we can't focus on what others can do, then what can we focus on?  If we expect others to learn, and feel successful in their learning endeavors, then we have to celebrate their successes and failures, and not focus on what cannot be done, instead choosing to focus on what was, and can be, in the future.

Keeping it all about what we can achieve sets a climate that says, "Even when we fail, we succeed."

Focusing on what can't be done simply minimizes the contribution of all, and if our goal is to keep moving forward, nothing could be done to push us further back than focusing on what can't (or more likely won't) be achieved.

Let's vow to set our sights on promoting learning as a process of building, rather than a process of tearing down.

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