Sunday, September 21, 2014

Quote-A-Day: Day 265

No has ever been told, "Stop. You're being too innovative."

Leaders get told lots of things.  Sometimes, what they're told isn't so nice.  But, I have never met a leader who has been told, "Hey, you need to stop innovating.  It's too much."

That should be a lesson to us.  If we need to stop anything, it is never innovating.

Creating things that are new is imperative to education "working."  If we don't keep innovating, if we don't keep moving things forward, then we're stuck, and if there is one thing we know, it's that being mired in the status quo in education is not a great place to be.

How do we keep innovation moving forward?

First, we should be comfortable taking positive risks.  Taking steps into the great unknown is a key role for leaders.  And, if we are comfortable taking risks and making mistakes, those we serve will be more comfortable doing so too.  After all, nobody ever innovated by doing nothing at all.

Second, we need to reward "outside the box" thinking.  We can keep doing the same thing over and over again, or we can try something new and different.  New ideas don't necessarily necessitate action and change, but they do keep the creative juices flowing.  The more new ideas we're exposed to, the more likely we'll be able to come across something that truly brings us to a whole new level.

Finally, we have to publicize the changes we make, and celebrate those changes that bring about benefits for those we serve.  Publicizing can be as simple as a quick note or as expansive as an opportunity to bring in local and national media.  Sharing the good things we do is a great way to let everyone know we value innovation.

You can never be too innovative, so welcome any opportunity for positive change and exploring new things.

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