Monday, September 29, 2014

Quote-A-Day: Day 273

Information leaks like an old faucet.  The best leaders share news before someone else does. #QuoteADay #Day273 #edchat #edu #Share

Have you ever noticed that information gets out even before it can be verified?  There’s something about sharing information that even the most introverted of us like to do.  Maybe it’s the chance to let other people learn something they don’t know yet, or maybe, more self-servingly, it’s the opportunity to prove how much we know (hopefully that isn’t it).  Regardless, there is something about passing on information that we all like to do.

The problem is, often, the information we pass on isn’t necessarily fully formed, or worse, even correct.  It seems like our desire to get the word out often is at the expense of getting the correct word out.

For this reason, leaders need to be the providers of information, making sure that nothing escapes too soon and/or before it is fully formed.  This doesn’t mean we have to share erroneous information before we know everything.  Rather, it means that we need to share what we can, and what we know, so others understand that we’re looking out for them, and that we will keep them posted.

Sharing information often accomplishes two purposes.  First, it identifies the leader as someone who knows what is happening and will share it; this leads our constituents to want to come to us for assistance.  Second, it provides a means to dispelling falsities.  After all, if a leader hasn’t yet shared it, then maybe it isn’t true (or true yet).

Sharing bad news can be hard, but it is impossible to un-share bad news or misinformation.  Better to be the bearer of bad news than have incorrect information borne for us.

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