Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Quote-A-Day: Day 310

We have to be willing to let each day end, so a new one can begin.  #QuoteADay #Day310 #edchat #edu #FindTheEndpoint #TakeABreak

Let me tell you, today got away from me.

I had been out of the office on Monday and Tuesday, and today was all about trying to catch up (not incredibly successfully, I might add).

I've had little to no time to think about my Quote-A-Day for today, and I'm yawning.


So, as I sit here at 10:36, anxiously waiting to go to sleep, I had a thought.

Even the most committed leaders have to let today turn into tomorrow.  After all, how can we be the bearers of a new and better day for those we serve, if we won't let the day end for ourselves?

In my leadership work, I've learned that no "To-Do" list is ever wholly completed, and if we let ourselves, we'll work until we fall asleep in our chairs.

That isn't a way to live.

And it isn't a way to lead.

So, I'm ending this blog post here, as I want to get a semi-good night's rest (I still shoot daily for over seven hours of sleep each night; sometimes more successfully than others. . .today isn't a real success :) ).  Since every day is a new one, we should know when to let the current one end, so we can welcome a fresh opportunity to lead, and learn, during the next.

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