Sunday, November 2, 2014

QuoteADay: Day 307

Sometimes to move forward, you first have to move back.     

This morning, as I was turning back the few remaining clocks in the house that we forgot to do last night, I started to think about the idea of moving backwards to move forwards.

When we set the clock back, in order for our year to continue, we are, in essence, going back in time a bit so we can go forward.

While the idea of "going back in time" is a fun one, it isn't particularly realistic (as much as we wish it was).

However, the realization that sometimes we have to work backwards and/or fail, in order to get to where we hope to end up, is incredibly real, and incredibly important to remember.

The pathway to getting better as a leader or a learner is never a straight one.  Therefore, we shouldn't always expect that every step we take on that pathway will lead us forward.

There's something reassuring about taking a step back every now and then.  Maybe it's the fact that it proves that we aren't perfect (and never will be), or maybe it's the fact that when we take a step back, we tend to learn more.

Whatever the case, we should welcome the stutter-step approach to leading and learning as it is the only true way to get better.

So, as we continue along this year, and as the days get dark earlier, remember that setting the clock back doesn't just make the night come sooner.

It also makes the start of each day a little bit brighter.

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