Friday, November 21, 2014

Quote-A-Day: Day 326

Nobody knows what the day will bring.

But you know what you can bring to each day.

Today was a great day, but it didn’t start off great. 

My youngest is battling a really bad cough, and neither my wife nor I was able to take off work today (happily she didn’t have a fever).  So, we sent her in to day care, sadly, and started going about our day in a bit of a cloud of negativitiy.

This could have had a really negative impact on the start of my day, but I didn’t let it.  Our monthly Curriculum Council meeting was today, and I needed to do my best to focus on our group and our region’s needs.

We never know what the day will bring to us.

But, we do know what we are capable of, and what we can bring to each day.

This is important because we are the true keepers of our mood.  We can choose to greet the day with frustration, anger, and negativity, or we can welcome it with happiness, humor, and a sense of thankfulness.

Today, I chose the latter, and often I do my best to make it the only choice I even consider.  It makes me a more effective leader, a more capable learner, and a more enjoyable person to be around. J

As the day winds down, I can now return my focus to my daughter, feeling comfortable in knowing that I did my best professionally so I can be my best personally.

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