Saturday, November 15, 2014

Quote-A-Day: Day 320

It isn't enough to belong to a network that "learns." We must also belong to a network that "does."

This morning I was given the opportunity to guest moderate #satchat (immense gratitude for the privilege).

And what a tremendous opportunity it was.  I engaged in extremely thoughtful conversations with hundreds of leaders and learners, all around the topic of evolving our PLNs.

One idea that was solidified for me after the chat is that as great as a PLN is, it is only as good as when it operates as a PAN (a Professional Action Network), as learning isn't really "learning" until we "do" something with it.

And by "something," I mean take action.

The challenge for us all, and it is certainly a challenge for me, is to make sure that the conversations we have with others don't simply exist as "just" conversations.  They need to build beyond the talking that happens during chats and move into the realm of acting, which can be tougher, particularly if we don't have strong accountability built into the design of our networks.

And for all the talk about accountability being problematic when it comes to testing and evaluations, it can't be denied that without strong accountability (whether of the self, or via critical friends), we won't get any better.

It just won't happen.

The best leaders know that all true communities have an inherent strength; a drive to make the world better for all who are a part.  These leaders also know that to draw out that strength, they need to always be doing two things: moving from talking to acting, and embracing accountability for all.

The communities that live by these ideals end up being the communities that truly serve their constituents, and by extension, end up being the communities that truly help their learners and leaders to grow.

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