Friday, November 28, 2014

Quote-A-Day: Day 333

Being connected is never enough.  Rather, it is how we care for our connections that is most important.    

Truly  connected leaders aren't just "connected."

Truly connected leaders are much more.

It isn't enough to simply be connected.  Instead, it is all about how we care for our connections that matters.

The best leaders are not only connected, but they are also connected and caring; they care for their connections regularly, and make sure that those they are connected to see the value of the connections that they have formed.

Connections that aren't taken care of wilt, and like a plant, if those wilting connections aren't reinvigorated, they are apt to fade away.

Anyone can be a connected leader, but not everyone can go beyond connecting, and truly make the connections about the care that exists within them.

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