Sunday, November 16, 2014

Quote-A-Day: Day 321

It's never the words in your message that matters, but rather the message in your words.

I had a conversation with a number of fellow learners yesterday during #satchat about the power of writing.  In many ways, we're all bloggers, as we all have stories to tell and reflections to make that we want to share with others.

But the question always is, how do we find the time to write?

All of us have families, professions, and other personal hobbies that detract from the time needed to reflect and write.  But, as I've learned, blogging doesn't have to require a lot of writing.  In fact, writing should rarely be about the number of words, and always about the message in those words, as few as they might be.

As I've embarked on my Quote-A-Day experience, I've learned that when you're blogging or writing every day, you need to make the most of the time you have to write.

You also have to maximize your reflective thinking, so that you feel as if you have a message to share (that will be both helpful to you and to others who might read it).

I've written blog posts that have been pages in length, and others that have been a paragraph or two.  Rather than worry about that, I've learned that the more important piece is what these writings say.

If the message could be powerful, than why worry about the words?

The implication for leaders and learners is clear:  We need to speak and write when our message is important, and worry less about how important we sound or the words we use.  Everyone's time is precious.  If we can meld meaning into every message we make, then we can show the power of words without worrying about the word count.

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