Thursday, November 6, 2014

Quote-A-Day: Day 311

The best leaders are also effective decision-makers.  However, being an effective decision-maker shouldn’t be a lonely proposition.  In fact, the best decisions happen when they’re made along with others.

A decision made by one person is a decision that has likely been impacted by only one point of view.

This is dangerous, as even in our most neutral states, we still always exhibit some sort of bias.  To make sure that the decisions we make actually considers all the facts and information that are out there, we need to engage input from other stakeholders prior to making any type of determination.

Along with the fact that it is just good practice to decide collaboratively, we also get the added bonus of building capacity for the work that we’re doing.  Like with anything else, if you want to engage people, give them a role to play in the process.

By working together to make decisions we put everyone on equal footing.  And nothing is better for scaling any given mountain like standing together to survey your options.

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